John Travolta Celebrity Impersonator and Lookalike

JOHN TRAVOLTA impersonator, lookalike and sound-alike who most resembles John Travolta himself!

What Phil Does At Shows:

Phil Performs a TOTALLY INTERACTIVE show for your guests which means he doesn't perform

during dinner. The idea is to get your guests up and be part of the "SHOW" which Phil does so well.

Whether it be "Saturday Night Fever"and/or "Grease" shows he has them all up and participating

during his stay. His shows are approximately 23 minutes long and his total stay is from 45 minutes

to an hour. The remainder of the time he mingles, meets, greets and takes photos with the crowd

 which the people love to do.The shows can be customized to fit any schedule and can be modified

without a problem. After so many years of experience Phil has learned what works best for any

crowd. He will be glad to help you with suggestions. He comes prepared and has an introduction and

music CD that he supplies the DJ with.  He loves what he does and it shows. THE ENERGY IS

 INCREDIBLE!!  Between his resemblance to John Travolta and his dancing this will be a hard

show to top and your family and friends will be talking about it for a long time to come. Phil really enjoys what he does and it shows. With a combination of all these assets he is the Travolta to choose amongst other performers. He is in a class by himself. Don't hesitate-give him a call and save your date today!


Please book early to hold date.



            CALL: 631-467-3834 OR EMAIL BELOW